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MAC RA MAY       Al Abour an NVMC 7-24-2016 06:04 AM
NYIC's Final Countdown
57 days, 17 hours, 27 minutes, 46 seconds

If this board goes an Isles stay at Barclay or move to Belmont
All 3 SUCK

Lease at nets home 4 years, maybe 2 break leases with $
The group that owns Barclay owns the NVMC.. Catch 22

1. If they rectify all problems for hockey @ Barclay Isles could stay
but it still SUCKS

Isles moving to Belmont means they build a new arena still takes 2 to 3 years

Islss move back to NVMC means they put back the 2500 seats they removed an
the home of the 4 time Stanley Cup Champs is basically brand New

They only move that will satisfy Al Arbour so he can stop rolling over in his grave
RIP Al ....Is moving back to NVMC

Re this beloved board, itís the NVMC of Islnder message boards
I know WEBB 20 discussed it may be transferred to another in keeper
All quiet as of late
HOCKEY NUT       What have they done again to my team 3-27-2018 2:09 PM
What have they done again to my team
a king       last 2 games of 2017-2018 season 4-4-2018 12:17 PM
Isles Vs. Wings
4 / 7 / 18 @ 7:00pm .. Season Finale

Isles Vs. Wings
:isles: :isles: :isles: :isles:

[img][/img][img][/img] :santa:
[img][/img] :santa:

Rags Vs. Isles
4 / 5 / 18 @ 7:00PM

Rags Vs. Isles
:isles: :isles: :isles: :isles:

[img][/img][img][/img] :rotflmao:
[img][/img] :rotflmao:
:chug: :dance:

acards       Puck drops 7PM EST 4-7-2018 06:57 AM
The NYBE Islanders enter the final regular season game tonight
only 18 points out of the final wild card playoff spot

Islander coach Doug Weight knows its a tall order for the 4 time champs
But this savvy Coach explained, " Ive been around long enough to know
a bounce here and a deflection there plus a cheap goal = I do believe in miracles

Later Weight was escorted off the practice ice in a full body jacket

Captain John Tavares stated, " If this is my last game for Islanders I'm going to play hard
for Coach Doug and Cappy but not to hard cause I do not want to hurt myself for my new
team next year

Puck drops 7PM EST :isles:
[img][/img] what are they doing to my team
a king       yes yes yes 4-7-2018 7:05 PM
1-0 yes yes yes :isles: :rotflmao:
MACAMORE       april 13 wins 4-14-2018 05:41 AM
april 13 wins

ny jets beat stars 4-1
vegas beat kings 2-1
flyers beat pitt 5-1

Not sure what game this is from but this photo sumns up the dynasty teams
almost every game for almost 5 years gave you the feel from the photo below
left to right .. m. bossy ..d. sutter ..a. kallur .. al arbour .. b. trottier .. w. merrick .. s. pearson :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup:
acards       april 23 wins 4-24-2018 04:57 AM
april 23 wins

Toronto beat Boston 3-1.. Game 7 .. April 25 @ 7:30PM
Caps beat Jackets 6-3 win series 4-2

:worthy: [IMG][/IMG]
May 16, 1983 Islanders win there 4th Stanley Cup :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup:
In photo left to right g. gillies .. m. bossy .. d. potvin ..b. carroll
acards       april 30 wins 5-1-2018 05:46 AM
april 30 wins

tampa beat boston 4-2
vegas beat sharks 4-3 in OT

in photo ..1983 .. j. tonelli ..d. sutter ..w. merrick .. s. pearson ..d. potvin ..m. mckewen .. d langevin
b. trottier. m. bossy ..a. kallur. b. carrol .. c. gillies .. b. nystrom .. g. lane :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup:
1981 cup 2 .. d. potvin .. s. pearson :cup: :cup:
in photo .. 1981 .. d. potvin .. a. kallur .. s. pearson .. parade on Hempstead tpke :cup: :cup:
In photo left to right .. 1975 ..round 1 vs rangers .. wilder beast goeslave ugo .. jp parise .. ed westfall :isles:

fan       al arbour 8-28-2018 1:30 PM
Anything Al Arbour is worth revisiting .. On Islanders website today

Yes Al Arbour was a great coach and with that being said his philosophy regarding coaching
some of the greatest players who ever played hockey his words were more then just for hockey

Al Arbour installed systems for the Islanders to always be in control of what they do
he had many systems .. strategies but one always stroke a cord with me and like the others
can be used in everyday like

"Even if were down by 2 goals with 5 minutes to play .. still play the system I taught you
otherwise your chickens with your head cut off" .. Al Arbour

Al Arbour = :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup: :isles:

ladalin       jets bears 10-26-2018 4:46 PM
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