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HELEN 4-10-2022 8:54 PM
Mother 🍻🥂👩 Mary
Her arm still hurts
Had 2 cars 🚗 one got into accident 😳
Arm she says cause she's old ?
Maybe 25 these vietnamesse woman can be 56 and look 28
Helen needs to eat
If she was mine as it should be cough
I'd massage 💆‍♀️ her arm, kiss it have her lift weight and make love to her as often as possible

She did a win win job on all 3
Sam's mom died 😢😔 Saturday
He cries Helen says
$83 + 37 tip = $120
Joesph       Sunday April 11 2022 430pm took 75 minutes 4-10-2022 9:02 PM
Mother 🍻🥂👩 Mary
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