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AG       Uncle Paul 8-19-2008 06:01 AM

15 years today


AG       Uncle Paul 8-19-2009 06:11 AM

16 years today

AG       Uncle Paul 8-19-2010 03:45 AM

17 years today

I can use another "magical moment Uncle Paul"

AG       Uncle Paul 8-19-2011 06:26 AM

18 years today

I've had a few "magical moment Uncle Paul"
Thank you ~ Even today ~ Time will tell on this one
Miss you and the era

AG       Uncle Paul 8-19-2012 03:40 AM

19 years today

Another mesmerizing experience would help
ag see how soft wís face is
miss u both . I think we all do
I told you I will get what I want and I will up
talk to me

AG       Uncle Paul 8-19-2013 7:24 PM

20 years today

talk to me up
talk to me
hello ag

For both of you - xo

AG       Uncle Paul 8-19-2014 02:01 AM

20 years today

UP, remember what I guaranteed you, if u an AG can watch over that silly little girl
I know you are
GP too an I think u are
mu both
m all

21 years

AG       Your missed 8-19-2015 05:49 AM
August 19, 1993 Uncle Paul Died ...
Remember what I told you Uncle Paul
Your missed
AG       Uncle Paul 8-19-2016 05:51 AM
looking at the clock it will be almost to
the second i think

thatís called discipline

i see you both watch over xoxoxoxoxoxo
AG       2 minute .. 365 later 8-19-2016 05:53 AM
send more magic ..uncle paul
AG       August 19, 1993 Uncle Paul Died ... 8-19-2017 05:25 AM
August 19, 1993 Uncle Paul Died ...

24 years
AG       Uncle Paul Died 25 Years Ago Today 8-19-2018 06:13 AM

25 years today

Remember what I told you
Uncle Paul help guide me thru my hands
and mind the steps I have to take like
you have been to obtain the vision I have

give everybody a kiss up there xo

ps Uncle Paul .. keep an eye on that little girl called noto w that soft skin

hello aunt gussie
Peter       Talk to me uncle paul 8-19-2019 00:24 AM
I need u know
U 2 aunt gussie
Hi mom
Jesus please help       26 years 8-19-2019 00:25 AM
Peter Austin noto       I love u uncle Paul u 2 aunt gussie 8-19-2019 9:48 PM
Kiss her cheeks so soft

A little help hear would be

BILLY CHAPEL       Uncle Paul sept 2 oopppps 9-2-2020 7:21 PM
Sorry ... help me get thru this
I told you I would get what I want
Sos my mom you ho aunt gussie

27 years xo
JOESPH 8-19-2021 08:37 AM
WW2 veteran
Remember what I told you uncle Paul
Died August 19 1993 RIP xo
You to aunt Gussie and mom
Your all side by side
I love you all
Mother MARY
FEDATANKO       28 years xo 8-19-2021 09:22 AM
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