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Captain Zorikh 4-16-2011 11:31 AM
Hello Friends!

This weekend, as mentioned in last week's update, I will be doing several things at the I-Con science fiction convention at Suny Stoy Brook. If you have not had a chance to look in on my listing at, here is the schedule:

Filk Theme Circle - Authurian Songs - Friday from 7:30pm - 8:30pm in Harriman Hall 115
Captain Zorikh Concert - Friday from 10:00pm - 11:00pm in SAC 311
History of Armor and Chivalry - Saturday from 12:00pm - 1:00pm in Psychology A 144
Captain Zorikh Concert - Sunday from 12:00pm - 1:00pm in SAC 302

There are still tickets available to the event, just go to, and you can find all the details.

In other news, Hit the Mat, the show that combines the grappling arts and theater arts, is in touch with the organizers of the Figment Festival ( on Governor's Island in June to bring it's unique form of entertainment to that participatory arts festival in June, and I and some of the cast members will be competing in the Metrodash ( May.

I am also working on having something happen at the Wizard World Big Apple Comic Con in May (

So keep watching, Things are happening!

Captain Z

Captain Zorikh 6-10-2011 1:17 PM
Hi Friends!

Hopefully, since most of you who actually read these messages are Facebook or Myspace or or YouTube friends, you already know what's going on this weekend, but just in case.

This weekend is the Figment Festival, a free participatory arts festival on Governor's Island just off the southern tip of NYC. As part of the festival, my stage show company "Hit the Mat," which combines the grappling arts with the performing arts, will be participating.

Several times each day we will be giving a short presentation of scenes using grappling techniques to express emotion, intention, tel stories, and entertain. Then we will instruct attendees of the festival in a few basic moves, and help them to create scenes themselves. The intention is to spread the concept that the grappling arts are a wonderful and uynique performance medium

So come on down. Even if Hit the Mat is not your thing, there will be so much to see and do at Figment that you are bound to find something that is right up your alley!

Figment is open from 10 AM - 4:30 PM Friday, and 10 AM - 7 PM Saturday and Sonday. Hit the Mat will be running at noon and 2 PM on Friday, and 11 AM, 1 PM, 32 PM, and 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

You can get to Governor's Iland by going to the Governopr's Island Ferry Terminal, which is right next to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. The ferry ride is free, but no cars are allowed, and parking is horrible, so take the subway to Battery Park, Whitehall St, or South Ferry to get there.

Once on the Island, head to the Parade Ground, where you will see the wrestling mats.

You can get more details at

I hope to see you there!

Captain Zorikh

Captain Zorikh 6-25-2011 08:01 AM
Hi Friends and Fans. Just a quick note here...

As some of you may recall, I actually attended, and graduated, from college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration and cartooning. Some of you may actually own some of my comic book work (he Watch This Space minicomics, in particular.

Well, that degree came in handy this past month. Over at the Brick Theater in sunny Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Comic Book Theater Festival is happening right now, and this weekend and next weekend, my art will be featured in a play called "Bubble of Solace."

The play is described as follows in the press release: "A.J. has his dream job-running a comic-book shop that doubles as a shrine to all of his favorite obscure classics. It doesn't even matter that no one else shares his obsessions-when he closes the doors at night, his immersive relationship with his favorite titles makes the rest of the world disappear. But with his shop in jeopardy, he finds that the stories no longer behave as expected, and he's forced to reckon with his feelings about his equally odd mother, the pretty girl who runs the sex-toy shop next door, and a strange fan who possesses a secret about A.J.'s past."

As part of the play, panels from fictional comics representative of several eras are projected n the stage. I happen to have drawn over 30 panes of "Blue Star," a Silver-Age cosmic superhero comic. There is Kirbymatter, Buscema trapezoid mouths, gorillas, a boy sidekick, flights through space, a female animal-based villain, and a shocking climax!

The play also stars a couple of people I have worked with before, Roger Nasser and Fred Backus.

So you get comics, drama, comedy, and an astounding theatrical experience at the Brick Theater! Showtimes are as follows...

Sat 6/25 @ 10:15pm
Sun 6/26, 4pm
Thu 6/30 @ 7pm
Fri 7/1 @ 8:45pm

You can get tickets at the door or on-line at

The location is the Brick Theater, 575 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 907-6189
Just take the L train to Lorimer ST or the G to Grand St/Metropolitan Ave and walk one block up Metropolitan.

I'll probably be going to the one Sunday or next Friday. I hope to see you there!

Up next: Return to Pennsic!

Captain Zorikh

Captain Zorikh 6-28-2011 4:51 PM
Hi friends. Just a quick note...

On very short notice I was invited, once again, to perform on "R U A Star or Just Bizarre," a TV show broadcast live on Manhattan Neighborhood Network at 11 PM tonight.

It is a talent competition show, and I will be performing as the Brooklyn Cowboy, doing John England's song "Bound for Brooklyn. the last two times I appeared, I came very close to winning, the call-in votes deciding the difference. So, if you get Manhattan Neighborhood Network on your cable TV service, please tune in at 11 PM tonight for the hour-long show and vote for me!

And in the meantime, pleace check out this project...

Captain Z

Captain Zorikh 7-26-2011 2:09 PM
Hello Friends. Captain Zorikh here, and I hope that those of you living in the recent "heat zone" are doing well, pets and seniors taken care of, etc.

You can skip this whole message and just go to if want to just watch a short video about what this message is all about.

A some of you may know or remember, 20 years ago I was involved in the productin of "The Pennsic War: A Video Documentary." This was a documentary of the largest medieval recreation event in North America, the biggest annual event of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an event that I would go to almost every year.

This year I have gotten permission to shoot a follow-up, titled "Return to Pennsic.

But I did not want to make just another all-purpose general overview of the Pennsic War, that's been done, and is done every year. I wanted to do something different. I decided to make this new video part of the series that I wave been doing with "Simply the Best" G.A. West, top fitness professions, life coach, and the former champion pro wrestler for whom I have worked as a "personal announcer."

You see, while I have been doing things in the SCA for over 20 years, and enjoy camping out in the great outdoors, G.A. West has absolutely no previous experience with anything even remotely connected with SCA culture. He never studied medieval history, did not know that Lancelot boffed King Arthur's wife, fell asleep during "Lord of the Rings," and considers an hour without air conditioning "roughing it." But he does enjoy bouncing off wrestling mats and making videos.

I figured it might make a fascinating and unique video to take an insider and an outsider to the SCA and have them explore Pennsic together, 20 years after that first documentary. So that's what we'll be doing!

I will be looking at what has changed and what has stayed the same at Pennsic over the last 20 years. G.A. West will be looking at the physical aspect of armored combat, the life choices people make to be in the SCA, and how the development of people's personas affect their SCA experience.

In other words, he will be comparing and contrasting the SCA with the world of pro wrestling. Think about it.they are both spectacle based combat sports in which the participants take on alternate personas and dedicate their lives to it.

Here's where you come in.

We have been soliciting help from merchants and other folks in the SCA ,for garb and accessories for G.A. West, pre-orders of the video, and financial backing. We have gotten a great and encouraging level of support from that direction, but we still need a few more dollars to pay for this production and make it all it can be.

Therefore, if you would like to help me get this done right, please visit

This is our crowdfunding campaign, where you can contribute any amount that you feel comfortable, with valuable "perks" at each level. These perks include advance orders of the video, listings in the credits, even having a commercial made for your business or producer status with points on the back end!

We don't need a whole lot of money, what we need, we really do need. Heck, this is the first production of mine that will actually have insurance (if I can get the money for it)!

If you'd like to help, but would rather get something more immediate, please consider purchasing any of the products on my catalog page at
This would include things like the original documentary, CD's of my music, solo and with the Death "Star Repairmen, comics I have written and drawn, and more.

And if there is nothing there you like, then check out the links at you don't even have to buy the products linked, you can buy anything on after linking from any page on my website, and I get a small percentage f the purchase price, at no extra cost to you!

Just think, you get something you want, and I get a little bit of money to make this video! Win-win!

So check this project out, and thank you!

Captain Z

Captain Zorikh 12-3-2011 06:07 AM
Hello friends, it's been a while since I sent out an update, but I figure I might as well do so now, since Facebook only goes so far ;)

It's been a pretty busy year for me, with a new CD, the production of the stage show "Hit the Mat," performing in the Faux-Real Theater's "Oedipus Rex," the shooting of "Return to Pennsic," loads of new video posted on my YouTube channels, my pro wrestling debut, the winning of a match at a grappling tournament, and so much more. There have been a few downers as well, including the passing of a few friends and my feline companion of 14 years, Tommi.

But before the year ends, I will be hitting the stage again and I would love it if you all could come down and enjoy it!

This Sunday, December 4, I will be performing a solo musical entertainment act as the opening of the Anachronism Steampunk Event at Webster Hall in the Studio Room. The doors open at 3:00 PM a,nd I am scheduled to wrap up by 4:30. This means I shall probably begin around 3:30, so get there early!

I will be performing a few new sci-fi themed songs I have written over the past two years, as well as some old favorites. I shall also be wearing a brand new rocket pack, built by Dr. Bronko Von Johnstein.

If you are not familiar with the concept of "Steampunk," Which may or may not mean you have been hiding in a closet or something for the past two years," think basically of the concept of "Space 1888," Victorian-era science fiction, Jules Verne and H.G. Welles, gears and goggles. While it is not mandatory that you dress in such a style for this event, it sure makes it even more fun!

The whole event runs from 3:00 pm - 12 midnight, and admission for this massive event (9 hours, two big rooms, over a dozen performing acts) is only $15. You can find out more about the event at

I hope to see you there!

Captain Z

Captain Zorikh 3-16-2012 7:56 PM
Hello friends. Captain Zorikh here. Ive got something pretty big going on that I want to share with you.

As you all should know by now, I have been doing armored combat with the Society for Creative Anachronism for a long time now. As you also probably know, I have been doing Brazilian jiu jitsu for just a few year, and what you might have noticed is that I have been seeking opportunities to step outside my comfort zone, travel and take risks, and find new physical, mental, and creative challenges.

This year I have taken on what is definitely my greatest challenge on many levels.

I have tried out for, and been accepted on, the American team that is going to the Battle of the Nations.

If you want to see what this is all about right away, including a video presentation, just go straight to and skip reading the rest of this message.

The Battle of the Nations is a large international medieval armored combat competition and festival. think of it as the "March Madness" of armored swordfighting. This will be taking place in Warsaw, Poland from April 29-May 4. this even has been going on for only a few years and last year seven nations were represented. this year there will be 14 nations, and for the first time ever, the United States will be one of them!

So I am going to be part of history! we will be the first American team to participate in the world championships of medieval armored combat.

Now the combat at this event will be a little different from what I am used to in the SCA. We will be suing blunted steel swords, axes, and other weapons, not rattan. We will be allowed to punch, kick, and grapple, unlike the SCA. A "kill" in a battle only counts when a man falls down, meaning that one can be battered repeatedly with swords, axes, and halberds and not be "dead" yet.

All of this takes it to a level beyond what I am used to, and that I am now specifically training for.

This also means that I am going to have to upgrade my armor. the leather and padding that I have been using in the SCA is not going to hold up to repeated blows with steel weapons, so I have invested in an almost entirely new suit of stainless steel (if you have seen my recent profile picture on my Facebook page, that's the new kit).

My girlfriend is helping me in this endeavor. She has arranged our flights, hotel rooms, and is arranging for new garb to be made that will fit into the Battle of the Nations standards of authenticity. She will be providing logistic, practical, and moral support while we are there.

To make the most of this, I will also be video-documenting this endeavor every step of the way, posting it on Facebook,. and putting it all together in a DVD package so that I can share this adventure with all of you.

But no man is an island, and no endeavor can be done without help. Here is where I am asking for your help, giving you the opportunity to be a part of this endeavor, a part of history.

I have set up an Indiegogo page for this. On it you will see that I have set up several levels of financial assistance you can pledge, from $10 up to $2000, and valuable "perks" at each level. They range from things like a postcard sent to you from Warsaw, to t-shirts and hoodie sweatshirts of TeamUSA, to promotional consideration in the videos, to custom photos or videos of Warsaw, to an opportunity to have a multi-media presentation about our experience at your home or office, including even a demonstration of armored combat!

So please take a visit to and see what this is all about. I have posted several videos and pictures and will add to them as the date gets closer.

You can see more about TeamUSA at
You can visit the official Battle of the Nations website at (click on the tiny British flag in the upper left-hand corner for English)
You can see a couple of news reports of our tryouts in Springfield at
(You can see me in that last one at the end hacking at my opponent's leg, then collapsing to my knees and raising my arms in triumph!)

Captain Zorikh 4-11-2012 10:14 AM
HI Friends, I just wanted to dro pa little update on you, and invite to the awesome event that I will be a part of this weekend.

The Macabre Faire is some kind of steampunk/horror/fantasy festival/convention in Rockville Center, NY this Fri-Sat-Sun. The guest of honor will be Doug Jones, and there will be many performeres, entertainers, exhibitors, and dealers all weekend, and I will be giving an updated version of my famous lecture on the history of armor and chivalry through an Arthurian Perspective. I'm listed under "panels" on the website

They say that tickets will not be available at the door, so go to the website and order them now!

For me this will be part of my promotions for my trip to Poland with Team USA for the Battle of the Nations, and advance publicity for my new SCA documentary, "Return to Pennsic." The documentary has been delayed by technical issues, but those issues should be resolved by the end of the week, and I expect to have the new film finished in the next couple of months.

My preparations for the Battle of the Nations are coming down to the wire. With two weeks to go I need to upgrade my gauntlets, and the garb that is being prepared is not quite done yet, but I am confident it will all get done. My physical training has jumped up in intensity this past week, and I am feeling stronger every day! There are new videos and photos on the Indiegogo fundraising site. Please visit and contribute. There are lots of valuable "perks" you can get for helping me out, and I, personally, will be very grateful.

Captain Z

Onward and upward!

Captain Zorikh 4-28-2012 09:24 AM
Hi Friends. Captain Zorikh here, sending you a message from historic Warsw, Poland. I am here with TeamUSA, the first American team to compete in the Battle of the Nations, the world championships of medieval armored combat.

Through my courage, heart, and "never say quit" attitude, I surprised everyone, including myself (almost), and made it onto "Team 3 of the Team USA 5-man teams for the 5-on-5 battles. That means that according to the draws conducted last week, I will be fighting in best-of-three skirmishes with teams from Israel, Denmark, Austria, and a unified team from the Baltic States. If we come out on top, we will advance to fighting winners of other brackets.

You can see my profile on the event's website at

I have just bought the postcards for all those who contributed $25 or more on my campaign to fund this endeavor. This is the most risky, dangerous, and exciting thing I have ever done, and is without a doubt the biggest stage I have ever worked on. There are posters al over Warsaw, and there will be coverage on TV here and on the Internet all over the world. As soon as I have a link to this years coverage, I will let you know.

In the meantime, you can still help me out by making a contribution and/or posting the link to my fundraising campaign on your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. This way not only will you receive valuable perks (which, depending on your level of support, could include a postcard from Warsaw, a photo or video of some part of Warsaw, your name or company's name in the credits of my videos as "promotional consideration," t-shirts, sweatshirts, a multi-media presentation about the event, and more!), you will also get e-mailed updates and know that in a very real way you are supporting me, and the rest of Team USA.

I even shot a personal appeal as to why you should contribute to this endeavor. Please give it a look-see at and some of my recent workouts at

Please give a visit to and contribute whatever you feel is appropriate. We all would greatly appreciate it. USA!

Captain Z

Captain Zorikh 6-20-2012 12:39 PM
Hi friends. I've got a few more kids birthday party costume gigs coming up this
Saturday. who's interested? Do you know someone who is interested?
One of them is Iron Man. We are ideally looking for someone who can portray the character
of Tony Stark from the recent movies in an Iron Man suit that we will provide, that will
fit a man of average build between 5'9" - 5'11", chest no bigger than 46",
waist no bigger than 42".
The others are the princesses Cinderella and Ariel (the Little Mermaid), based on the
Disney versions of the characters. Having a costume will be a big plus, but don't let
that stop you from applying if you think you are perfect.
These parties are in the afternoon, are just outside NYC, and transportation will be
provided or paid for. If you are interested, send an e-mail with picture to
In other news, the Return to Pennsic documentary is proceeding apace. I hope to have
another sample up on YouTube within the week at
Onward and upward!
captain Z
Captain Zorikh 7-4-2012 7:41 PM
Hi Friends. I've got two pieces of new this week.

1: On Saturday afternoon there is a kids birthday party that needs a Hulk and a Thor, and on Sunday afternoon there is a kid's birthday party that need a Christian Bale-style Batman.

The The and Hulk would best be served by bodybuilder types, the bigger the better. Thor would work best with someone with long blonde hair so he does;t have to wear a wig.

In all instances, we have a costume (or body paint), but if you have one of your own that is just as good or better, let us know.

Both these parties will be about a half hour away from the City, transportation will be provided and/or paid for, and this is a paid gig that is well worth the time and effort to make small children happy!

If you think you got what it takes, send pix and resume or bio to

2) Two weeks ago there was a presentation made at the Riverdale Riverfest at which Congressman Eliot Engel made a presentation to Team USA of the Battle of the Nations of a copy of the Congressional record in which he had aid honor to us, and a flag that had flown over the Capital.

This was kind of a big deal. You can see video of it at

Gotta run! Be cool! Happy Independence Day!

Captain Z
Captain Zorikh 8-1-2012 8:45 PM
Hi friends. I just wanted to share with you a new video I created as an anytime birthday present for all of you. If you are having a birthday, or know someone who is having a birthday, why not play this song/video?
In other news, in the continuing adventures of brightening up kids birthday parties, Characters for Hire is looking for someone with long blonde hair and the body of a god who can play Thor at a kids birthday party alongside Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, and Loki. This is a paid gig at a location not far from NYC. Transportation and costume will be provided (but if you have access to an even more awesome Thor costume, even better). The party is in the late afternoon and you only have to be "on" for an hour, so the total time commitment, including transportation should be about 4 hours, and you will get paid a lot more than flipping burgers at McDonald's. There is a rehearsal Friday afternoon. If you are interested, send pix & resume to
In still other news, I will be headed to the Pennsic war in a couple of days. I am still working on the video documentary that I shot last year, "Return to Pennsic." I have been slowed by a Kafka-esque series of technical issues and budget shortfalls, but I have overcome all that, and now am merely slowed by my new full-time job and my desire to make a truly amazing documentary and not just slam out something ho-hum and average. You can see previews and other footage from and about the project at
Hang in, be good, or be lucky!
Captain Zorikh
Captain Zorikh 9-7-2012 10:29 AM
Hi friends, fans, hangers-on, and all you other folks who actually read these messages I have been sending out with varying degrees of irregularity over the past few years.

It's that time of year again, where I pretend I am not a year older by going out to celebrating. I took a year off last year due to the death of my cat, but I am back with a vengeance!

Since the last time I celebrated my birthday publicly, I have put together a stage show using the grappling arts as a performance medium, won a match at a grappling tournament, Returned to Pennsic, fought at the Battle of the Nations (the world championships of medieval armored combat), been madly working on a documentary of the 40th Pennsic War, "upgraded" to Windows7, performed at a lot of kids' birthday parties, lost a job (that still owes me about $1,700. I'm talking to you Mark Sarnoff of Canvas Corporation) gotten a new job, and not least at all, gotten a wonderful new girlfriend! That's a lot to celebrate!

Since my birthday falls on a Thursday (Sept. 6, yesterday, as I write this), and my weekdays are pretty full with various types of training the prepare for next year's Battle of the Nations, I have decided to hold my celebration on Sunday.

There is a great little bar on Ave. A between 12th and 13th St in Manhattan called Common Ground (, and on Sunday nights they have a rather entertaining open mike. the last time I was there they demanded I sing my version of "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" ( since they had heard me sing it a year earlier. Sign up starts at 7:00 PM, and the performances start at 8:00 PM. I am going to try to get there by 7:00 PM and get on stage around 9:00 PM, and they allow a 20-minute set of performance. I will play a couple of new original songs, a few old favorites, and some new covers of songs you might not expect!

I would like to invite each and every one of you to come down and help me celebrate! They have a very good beer selection and serve good food, so there is no need to eat or drink before hand and plenty of reason to show up early. And if any of you want to sign up to perform, as well, go right ahead.

Just say you are there to help Captain Zorikh celebrate his birthday!

I hope to see you there!

Captain Zorikh

Captain Zorikh 9-29-2012 08:04 AM
Hi Friends! Captain Zorikh here with another weekend of medieval madness!
Fresh off of my twofer weekend of competing in the Eastern regional tournament of Team USA for the Battle of he Nations in Philadelphia and fighting with the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Queens County Faire (where I won the prize for "best deaths"), I will be at the Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival on Sunday, fighting in the championship tournament for the New york City chapter of the SCA!
I will be wearing my new Battle of the Nations armor and Team USA surcoat, so you can see up close and in person all the dents put into my helm by the various Europeans this past spring in Poland!
The festival will be on Sunday, Sept. 30 from 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM up in Fort Tryon Park, the location of the Cloisters Museum. We will be fighting several times during the day, and in addition there will be a full exhibit and demonstration of the medieval arts and sciences as practiced by the SCA.
Of course this is but a very small part of the huge festival that will be going on, which includes jousters, merchants, entertainers of all varieties, and free admission to the museum! Admission to the festival is also free, and you can find all the details at
I hope to see you there!
Captain Z
Captain Zorikh 12-18-2012 2:16 PM
Hi Friends! Captain Zorikh here. I hope this holiday season is finding you all well, with your loved ones, and celebrating the winter festival of your choice!

I happen to have found out about a gig and, knowing that you were a costume enthusiast, might know someone who would be good for it.

I occasionally work for a company that provides costumed characters for parties and events, and this Saturday afternoon in NJ (about 45 minutes from NYC) there is a birthday party that needs an acrobatic Spider-Man to battle Green Goblin.

This is a paid gig with transportation and costume provided. If you know someone, or are someone that would be perfect for this, please get in touch with Nick at

Happy Holidays!

Captain Z
Captain Zorikh 2-17-2013 10:04 AM
Hi everyone! Captain Zorikh here. I know it seems like most of my postings have been casting notices, but I hope that there are enough of you who are finding them useful, and that the rest of you will forgive them. everal roles have been cast through thyem and today I have twpo more. But dont; worry, there will be some pretty big announcememnts about current and upcoming Zorikhism soon!


Urgent casting call: There is a children's cancer hospital in Birmingham, Ala. that wants Peter Pan to visit the kids on Tuesday, February 26. Ideally the role would follow the convention of having a female actor who passes for a young boy. The job would include a flight to Birmingham, an hour at the hospital, and a flight back to NYC, all in one day, meals included, and $150 pay. If you are interested and available, send headshot and resume immediately to, they need to book the plane tickets tonight.

In other casting news, a large Star Wars festival in Bergen Co. NJ. on April 6 is looking for the following Star Wars characters:
Jango Fett
Mace Windu
Queen Amadala
Darth Vader
Luke Skywalker
Princess Leia
2 stormtroopers.

This is also a paid gig. the characters are needed to be present and in character for three hours at the festival to provide ambiance. In addition to pay for being at the event, there is the possibility of future, similar work from the company. Having costumes is a plus. Knowing and being able to play the characters is essential.

Again, if available and interested, send pix and resume to


Captain Z
Captain Zorikh 3-7-2013 1:18 PM
Thanks you so much, those of you who have sponsored me so far for this year's trip to the Battle of the Nations! Here is the list of sponsors as it stands right now:
Countess: JoAnna Motylewski
Court Barons: Joseph Cadieux
Preferred Arms, Inc.
Lords: Kevin Black
Jamie Kearley
Minor Noble: Melissa Van Houten
Freeman: Dark Victory Armory
Dave Weiner
Serfs: Rebecca Weeks
Michael McGuire
You can see what sponsorship levels these titles represent, and sponsor me yourself at and remember: Court Barons and above get their names on the back of the shirts!
You can also order a t-shirt, hoodie, art print, comic book, or video that I am offering direct from me at
Now the casting notice;
I just got a last-minute casting call for a birthday party this Saturday in Brooklyn, a two-hour affair starting at 12:30 PM. They need the following characters:
Green Goblin
Also at the party will be Batman and Spider-Man, and those roles are already cast (I'm Batman) but if you feel you would be perfect for such a role in the future, feel free to send in headshots & resume.
If you have a good costume, that's great, but not necessary. We really do need people with some stage combat experience for the male characters, though. We will rehearse the fight scene on Friday (tomorrow) in NYC.
This is a paid gig, the compensation of which will be worth the work. If you do well and like the work, there is always the possibility for more work. I have been working with them since the spring of last year.
If you think you have what it takes, please send your pictures and resume to Nick at
Onward and upward!
Captain Z
Captain Zorikh 3-30-2013 09:00 AM
Captain Z in the news, and the News!
Hi friends, guess what? I made it into the paper! The Brooklyn Paper, to be precise, in a front-page article about my upcoming trip to the battle of the Nations!
The supporters and trolls came out in about equal force in the comments section, and there are a few factual errors in the article, but overall, I think the writer pretty accurately got into the spirit of what this Battle of the Nations adventure is all about.
And it turns out this article mad ea big enough splash, the NY Daily News called me and there should be an article coming out in the "Features" section this Sunday!
Things are going to start happening to me now!
So for those of you who have been interested in getting one or more of the T-shirts or hoodies on which will be my "U.S. Against the World" illustration in honor of Team USA's trip to the world championships of medieval armored combat, there is still time to order. However, I will be putting in the first print run next Wednesday. Remember, if you sponsor me for $100 or more at or order $100 worth of shirts and/or other sponsorship products at, then your name will be added to the list of sponsors on the back of the shirts! If your sponsorship or order comes in after that, your name will be added to the list on the second run, which will be either just before or just after the Battle of the Nations, depending on demand.
If that's too rich for your blood, there are plenty of other sponsorship options, and if you want more, there is more for you to get the more you give!
And if you have no idea why I am doing this, check out my short video at
Onward and upward!
Captain Z
Captain Zorikh 4-12-2013 3:20 PM
Hello friends! Thank you so much to those who made the trek out to Jersey for the Star Wars festival, and welcome to those who joined my e-mail list that day. Also, welcome to those folks who signed my e-mail list some time ago and I only just found the form on which you had signed up today (you should know who you are). I apologize that you have missed all the announcements up till now, but we are on board and ready to take off!

We have a busy weekend coming up as we count down to the Battle of the Nations!

1. New York Comic Book Marketplace
Saturday, April 13, 10 AM - 6 PM
Captain Zorikh's Costume Contest at 3:00 PM
Hotel Pennsylvania, 7th Ave bet. 32nd & 33rd ST
$15 in advance, higher at the door

2. West Windsor Lions Renaissance Faire
Sunday, April 14th, 10 AM - 7 PM
Mercer County Park, West Windsor, NJ

First off, Mike Carbonaro has decided that he just can't stop holding conventions, and so the New York Comic Book Marketplace is going to happen this Saturday, 10 AM - 6 PM, at the Hotel Pennsylvania on 7th Ave between 32nd & 33rd St. Comics creators Neal Adams, George Perez, Chris Claremont, and dozens more will be there, as well as pro wrestlers Sgt. Slaughter and Rikishi, Mike and Ming from AMC's "Comic Book Men," F-Troop's Larry Storch, 100's of dealers, and much more! I will have a table there promoting and selling things relating to Captain Marvel Culture, the Battle of the Nations, the Pennsic War, and the Death Star Repairmen band. I will also be hosting the costume contest!

That's right, Captain Zorikh's costume Contest returns after a brief hiatus with all the thrill, excitement and fabulous prizes you have come to expect from the East Coasts most fun costume contest! Prizes include gift certificates to Halloween Adventure Costume Shop, a burger, fries, & drink meal for two from Action Burger in Williamsburg, $50 worth of comics from Forbidden Planet, $50 credit towards costuming work from Good Tymes Creative Couture.

And immediately following the costume contest will be a cosplay group photo shoot hosted by the New York Cosplayers Network! So come down looking fabulous, be fabulous, and walk away with something fabulous!

For more info, rules, etc, go to

Next up, I will be heading over to New Jersey where I will be in armor with the rest of Team USA of the Battle of the Nations in a demonstration of the sport of knights in which we will be engaging in Aigues-Mortes, France in just a few weeks! This will be occurring at the West Windsor, NJ Lions Club Renaissance Faire at Mercer Co. Park! So those of you who have been wondering what full-contact medieval armored combat looks like when you are closer than a YouTube screen, come on down. For more info about this event, go to

Our fighting will be early, so don't be late!

And with that in mind, there is still time to order a "U.S. Against the World" T-Shirt or hoodie or any of the other nifty perks you can I am offering to those who sponsor my and my lady in our trip with Team USA to the Battle of the Nations, the world championships of medieval armored combat. To sponsor me amnd see the full range of perks offered, please go to to order shirts and other items, like comics and videos "a la carte," go to

Thanks for listening, I hope to see you there!

Captain Z
Captain Zorikh 5-1-2013 12:01 PM
Hello friends! Sir Zorikh is off to the Battle of the Nations!
That's right, for the second year in a row (as some of you already know) I have made the team and am going to France to represent America at the Battle of thee Nations, the world championships of medieval armored combat!
If you have no idea what I am talking about, go to
This year I am stronger, faster, with better endurance and higher skill than last year, and I am definitely looking to leave my mark outside the walls of Aigues-Mortes, France!
Big thanks to all of you who have supported me and contributed to my fundraising campaign! your "perks ("US Against the World" T-shirts and hoodies, art prints, videos, comics, signed photos, etc) will be sent to you all upon my return the week of May 14. postcards will be sent to you as soon as I hit Aigues-Mortes.
For those who have not yet contributed but would love to get some of those "perks" promised and help me in this endeavor, there is still time to sponsor me through or to buy the items a-la-carte through http:L//
This is an historic event. The team is twice as big as last year, the competition has twice as many teams as last year, and it is happening in France, the birthplace of chivalry! There was a front-page article about me going to the Battle of the Nations in the Brooklyn Paper and the Daily News interviewed me (still waiting for that article to come out) The NY Times will be publishing an article about us in the sports section soon, and the Discovery Channel covered the team at the West Windsor Ren Faire a few weeks ago.
In other news...
There is a "Monster High" themed party in Queens, NY on Friday that need an actress to portray the character of Draculaura. The actress must be about 56' - 5'3", thin leggy, and have long black hair. If you are all that but have a wig to do the long black hair thing, that's OK too.
The organizer of the talent for this party also needs to obtain costumes for the characters of Draculaura, Spectra, and Deuce Grogan. If you have such garments, or can advise as to where to get them (and he would prefer to work with actual CLOTHES, not "costumes") please contact him as well.
This is a paid gig, with transportation provided to and from the party. If interested, contact Nick at
Onward and upward!
Captain Z
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