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Peter Austin Noto 1-1-2018 06:38 AM
Happy New Year January 1 2018

Hello an welcome to Peter Austin Noto.Com HAPPY NEW YEAR

January 1, 2018 NEWSFLASH NOTO, ITALY The Machine Called Peter Austin Noto an THE PETER AUSTIN NOTO SHOW

is now marking time with images of the way things will be as time moves on



Happy New Year January 1 2018
blitzen im back       added 1-1-2018 07:28 AM
Happy New Year January 1 2018
The Peter Austin Noto Show
blitzen im back 1-2-2018 07:26 AM

5 photos

One Life To Live Saga

January 12, 1988 .. Loved Sheryl Baker .. i need more peter
Peter Has A General Audition For One Life To Live
How many times do you keep telling some one I met the Pope
Two for Tuesday as we cruise down memory lane
As I wait to see if another Pete and Dave will appear
In the middle of the night I call your name .. oh .. just a dream
I'm now at one of the best places on earth
The Peter Austin Noto message board

November 17, 2000 Peter Plays A Spy On One Life To Live
November 21, 2006 Peter Plays A Gigolo On One Life To Live

Dec 2, 2008 Peter plays Buddy the friendly homeless man

Peter's being fed by another homeless guy

June 2010 Peter Austin Noto The Perk On One Life To Live
November 2010 Peter Austin Noto is Biker Jimmy

November 10, 2011 The last day of One Life To Live filming.
an a behind the scenes video filmed that day

Biker Jimmy HOT PART ONE

Biker Jimmy HOT PART TWO

"" (17 episodes )

Video 1 ~~~
Video 2 ~~~
Video 3 ~~~

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PeterAustinNoto.Com @
Thank You....
blitzen im back 1-3-2018 07:36 AM

4 photos

NITA Peter Teaches Lawyers
In January 24/7 LIKE TURTLE ANGEL 3

Peter Austin Noto Teaches Lawyers
How To Act In Trial At Hofstra Law An Widner University

That's pretty cool Lecturing Lawyers.
That would be neat to see footage of that.
Is Peter a GENIUS .. Philosophical .. Jennifer knows
WT* .. Slazenger Chinked

I can remember Peter talking about
lecturing lawyers for the NITA which stand for,
'The National Institute Of Trial Advocacy"
during one of The John King Shows

Peter felt one of the most powerful performances he ever gave
was at Widner University when the head of the NITA in the USA was paired off with Peter and a auditorium off 5000 people listened to Peter give a speech on how a lawyer should act in trial but he turned it into how to live life.

He then turned the speech into Al Pacino's speech in
Sent Of A Woman for the disciplinary committee,
A powerful as that if not a step further.

What to do with this special moment
in the life an career of PETER AUSTIN NOTO

Peter Lecturing Lawyers On
How To Act In Trial For The NITA At Widener University

There are two dates for May, my question is
how do I add video an photos if there are no video an photos ?

Another Answer: Do your best an go with the flow
Or watch Kentucky Basil

The photo attached to these historic moments in time is
Peter Austin Noto explaining To Steven DiNello on
The Peter Austin Noto Show Why the sign of the cross is
underneath the Chase Manhattan Bank sign

There is no transcript or video of
Peter Austin Noto’s explanation but during our filming
two cast members Orlando Pavich an Actor-Schnider Simeon
both floated down as angels .. The mystery remains till this day

The Peter Austin Noto Show will RELEASE this information
Quicker then you can say Jennifer Lynn Nuccitelli In Italian

As legend has it, after the lawyers were taught
Peter then showed them how he plays the female organ
K. Spencer NY Herald

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PeterAustinNoto.Com @
Thank You.... CODA
Important Information on the upcoming snowstorm.       SNOW 1-4-2018 06:59 AM
Important Information on the upcoming snowstorm.

With the coming storm all over the news, you're probably worried about potential power outages that could affect your internet, TV and phone service. Rest assured, we're already making preparations. After all, we live here too. As your local internet, TV and phone company, we understand how important it is for you to stay connected. For up-to-the minute local coverage on the storm, visit If unpreventable service outages do occur, know that we'll be working around the clock to restore your service. You can also visit, download the Optimum Support App or visit us at @OptimumHelp on Twitter for additional help.

blitzen im back       added 1-5-2018 07:31 AM


Pete And Dave In Show Business.. Any Century

January 6, 1991 Editing Begins
Pete And Dave In Show Business With Romain Grumback

Pete and Dave a marvelous little
show that now lives in animated suspense

Peter mentioned in recent interviews that
he was going to perform at the annual Festival
in the Desert in Mali with Pete & Dave Co Star
David Giardina. .. Does anybody know if that is true?

The question that I always think about is will
Pete And Dave In Show Business ever comeback
in the new world .. Time will only answer that question.



Pete an Dave last appearance
on The Michael Blinderman Show

Lost Scene of Pete and Dave

A million dollars offered by NBC
to reunite had no affect on both of them
There genius is not about $ its about .................COMEDY !!!

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PeterAustinNoto.Com @
Thank You....

My name is Ioana, I'm from Bucharest, Romania. I'm 21 an I grew up watching Peter Austin Noto in "Pete & Dave in Show Biz" on reruns on Romanian TV. I'm a big, big fan. I would sure like to hang around with the other Peter Austin Noto fans especially that I've been reading some of the posts. Thank you Peter Austin Noto for being around and making growing up in Romania fun for me. ..... Ioana

吸的球你 布魯克林的水可解雇的糞

© Copyright 2018 Peter Austin Noto. All rights reserved.
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Going For Six (6)

Devils Vs. Islanders
:isles: :isles: :isles: :isles: :isles: :isles:

Going For Six (6) [IMG][/IMG] Going For Six (6)
Going For Six (6) ...... Going For Six (6) ...... Going For Six (6)
blitzen im back       added 1-7-2018 06:43 AM

Christmas in Russia is celebrated on December 25 which falls on 7 January and comemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is considered a high holiday by the Russian Orthodox Church, one of the 12 Great Feasts, and of only 4 Feasts preceded by a period of fasting. On Christmas Eve, there are several long services, including the Royal Hours and Vespers combined with the Divine Liturgy. The family will then return home for the traditional Christmas Eve "Holy Supper", which consists of 12 dishes, one to honour each of the Twelve Apostles. Devout families will then return to church for the "всенощная" All Night Vigil. Then again, on Christmas Morning, for the "заутренняя" Divine Liturgy of the Nativity. Since 1992 Christmas has become a national holiday in Russia, as part of the ten-day holiday at the start of every new year
THE ROVER 1-8-2018 10:54 AM

4 photos

A Rexall National Commercial

January 8, 1992 Peter Austin Noto Films
A Rexall Showcase International National Commercial

I need drugs .. reds .. blues .. uppers .. downers
just give me drugs......anything so I can post on

When Dr. Slazenger Chinked saw this he said .. WT*

Rexall Showcase International was a
telemarketing business and Rexall were the old drug stores.

Reports from Dallas Texas indicates that Peter Austin Noto was also involved in the business side of Rexall an made his 3rd fortune with the company

Reports also indicate he lost that fortune
only to reacquire his 4th fortune 2 years later

Reports also indicate Peter Austin Noto
running for President have not been confirmed

to be continued ...............

♥ ♥ ♥
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PeterAustinNoto.Com @
Thank You....

Vincent Willem van Gogh 1-9-2018 06:27 AM

5 photos

brookebella brings you Xtranormal on YOU TUBE
Xtranormal Male: How about kissing me
Xtranormal Female: I only want to kiss
Peter Austin Noto
Xtranormal Male: Do what you have to do
nwnlj 1-9-2018 10:46 AM
brookebella brings you Peter Austin Noto Xtranormal on YOU TUBE
Xtranormal Male: How about kissing me
Xtranormal Female: I only want to kiss Peter Austin Noto
Xtranormal Male: Do what you have to do

Napkins       here it is 1-10-2018 06:01 AM
Gary Bettman says Islanders coming back to Nassau Coliseum

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman toured the renovated Nassau Coliseum Tuesday to assess the improvements needed for the arena to host Islanders games while the team’s new home at Belmont Park is being built.
Uncle Bill 1-11-2018 11:28 AM


The Guiding Light

January 21, 1998 Peter Austin Noto Plays
Sheriff Don Malone On The Guiding Light

The last time Peter Austin Noto worked
on The Guiding Light was January 6, 2009

During the filming Peter was asked about
his expierience on The Guiding Light he replied " no comment"

On The IMDb... The Guiding Light .. To the right
1. Episode dated (1 August 1990) - Thief
2. Episode dated (30 December 1990) - Thief
3. Episode #1.12642 (25 April 1997) - Doctor
4. Episode #1.3067 (31 December 1998) - Sheriff Don Malone
5. Episode #1.14685 (10 June 2005) - Competition Judge
6. Episode #1.14690 (17 June 2005) - Competition Judge
7. Episode #1.14692 (21 June 2005) - Competition Judge
8. Episode #1.14693 (22 June 2005) - Competition Judge
9. Episode #1.15583 (5 January 2009) - Photographer
10. Episode #1.15584 (6 January 2009) – Photographer
ACORN 1-12-2018 05:44 AM
Mickela Mallozzi The Peter Austin Noto Show 7
waits with abated breath for you services on the show
Olly       Olly 1-13-2018 05:49 AM


Sent Of A Woman - Peter Austin Noto — with Peter Austin Noto, The Peter Austin Noto Show and The 100th Episode The Peter Austin Noto Show in Noto, Italy.
MELANIE       JAN 13 FINALS AN JAN 14 GAMES 1-14-2018 06:03 AM
FINAL JAN 13 2018

Falcons 10 15 Eagles

Full Game

game center


Titans 14 35 Patriots

Full Game

game center


Sunday, January 14th

Divisional Playoffs





Jaguars at Steelers






Saints at Vikings
ACORN 1-15-2018 06:28 AM

The Great John King Dialogue

now 8 photos
The Great John King Dialogue
WOMAN 1-16-2018 07:11 AM

3 photos

Peter Austin Noto Seinfeld Spoof On SNL

Mare Kenney as Lorraine Robinson
Ashley Savage as the waitress
Peter Austin Noto as Cosmo Kramer


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kristen 1-17-2018 07:01 AM


USA Up All Night

Striker – Peter Austin Noto
Rhonda Shear – Rhonda Shear
Gwen – Tamsin Atkinson
Ruppert – Tom Blumenfeld
Molly – Emily Greenhill

Rhonda & Striker - .55

USA: "Up All Night" SNL, Conan O'Brien - 2:54

The Sexy Woman On The Peter Austin Noto Show


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Morning glory 1-18-2018 05:28 AM
JOHN KING: So Peter what have you been up to

PETER AUSTIN NOTO: John, a busy hectic non stop schedule
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All dates are in Month-Day-Year format.
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