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Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor 10-29-2018 3:57 PM
I am hungry for it.

I want it.

Nobody's going to stop me.

It's the only reason I'm still out in LA... because we're going to get picked up out here

We will get noticed we will be wanted by

The show will go to the top.

I am hungry for it.

I want it.
We will
stay humble and grateful to God

Bicycle bicycle
HUNTER S. THOMPSON 10-29-2018 4:35 PM
As it began 11-29-2011 7:54 PM

On such a breathless night as this

Upon my brow the lightest kiss

I walked alone

And all around the air did say

My lady soon will stir this way

In sorrow known

The white queen walks and

The night grows pale

Stars of lovingmess in her hair
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