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ERIN       Jennifer, Patience In Afflictilon 6-7-2019 3:48 PM

Jennifer, Patience In Afflictilon
On Jan 14,2019 Jennifer Nuccitelli. Alex Shyp,
and Peter Austin Noto edit

The Full Wolf Moon which was filmed on
Jan 4, 2019 for The Peter Austin Noto Show to help in obtaining Network Syndication for the show.

On Jan 25, 2019 The Peter Austin Noto Show has
Eric Roberts On as a guest.
On the way home Jennifer Nuccitelli calls 911
on Peter Austin Noto for no reason?
What would you call this?
What do you 🤔

Only 38 days later Jennifer Nuccitelli crops a photo taken of her and AAl Sapienzataken on Jan 2, 2015 from
The Peter Austin Noto Show and crops Jimmy Fallon next to her and posts it on her Facebook page saying I want to be Co Host on The Jimmy Fallon Show wt*🤷🏼‍♂️

Would this be called good buisness
or a back stabbing betrayal? what do you 🤔?

Then on June 4, 2019 Jennifer Nuccitelli slanders
Peter Austin Noto and The Peter Austin Noto Show in a post on her Facebook page with likes all ready purchased and her friends all ready wishing her just to stay strong?
What would you call this🤷🏼‍♂️?

A befuddled Peter Austin noto

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