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Premier Traveler 9-2-2014 12:37 PM
As a Premier-e subscriber, you're clearly the kind of relentless traveler who takes pride in knowing all there is to know about the industry. Be sure to keep on top of the game with a subscription to Premier Traveler magazine--it's jam-packed with extensive coverage of the topics that matter most to you.


Mission: Impossible

Looking for a hard-to-find vintage wine for an important client dinner? How about scoring tickets for the hottest show in town with just a day’s notice? Accomplishing these feats and more can be just another day in the life of many hotel concierges, and we’re working on a story that will uncover just how far they’re willing to go to keep guests happy. We invite you to take part in our editorial process by answering a few short questions about your experiences with hotel concierges, for your chance to appear in the pages of Premier Traveler magazine. Click here to get started.

Speak Up and Win Tickets

There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to keep everyone at the top of their games. Here’s your chance to vote on the year’s outstanding travel-industry companies that are fulfilling—and sometimes surpassing—their promises to provide top-notch products and services. By filling out our survey on the Best of 2014, you’ll not only let your voice be heard, but you’ll be in the running for a chance to win two round-trip airline tickets! The winners will be published in our December/January issue. Click here to begin the survey.


Northeast to Far East

Cathay Pacific will commence the first-ever nonstop service between Boston and Hong Kong, starting next spring.

Full article here

Divorce American Airlines Style

In one fell swoop, American Airlines has torn itself away from its relationship with Orbitz, and US Airways is, of course, to be following suit.

Full article here

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

It turns out that the “divorce” between American Airlines and Orbitz was merely another trial separation, after all.

Full article here

New Lounge Lands at Haneda

JAL’s new lounge at Haneda looks to be nothing but first class all the way.

Full article here

The Botlr Did It

The future is now: The Aloft in Cupertino, California, has a new employee that doesn’t demand break time, benefits or even a paycheck.

Full article here

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