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molly hopper 2       11-24-2007 8:45 PM
Here's an item that needs to go on that big mental list of things to schedule for the next time I meet Peter:
A tour of the Malley's chocolate factory!
What better place for a bunch of Peter Austin Noto fans to visit Peter than a chocolate factory?
And if Master Peter were to show up, so much the better!
We could chuck him in a vat of chocolate and hand out spoons.......................
Whoever eats their way to him first gets to take him home for the night!

molly hopper 2

ps: I'm so glad Peter has his message board back, don't get me wrong I LOVE going thru his website and eye shop but this makes it as if your right with him
molly hopper 2       11-25-2007 5:28 PM
If you have the opportunity to be a fixture in Peter's house. What would you be, and what room would you be in?

molly hopper 2
butterfly_ cheeks       11-25-2007 10:39 PM
The board is back molly hopper 2, Hope all is well with you

I hope this gets a lot of comments......eM....eH.......molly hopper 2...I LOVE IT THAT YOUR BACK
And maybe the old gang will follow

I know that all or most of the women who have seen this SEXY MAN have had dreams about him!
Here is one of my dreams:
I went to a dealership to pick up my new sports car, and Peter was inside looking at the car I had already purchased.
I walked up to him and asked if he wanted to go for a ride.
He replied with a yes, and we drove off the show room floor together, Not 10 minutes went by and we were in the compact back seat.
When returning him to the dealership, I watched him walking away with that GREAT ASS, but when he turned his head to look back, he was gone.

butterfly_ cheeks
molly hopper 2       HAVE A NICE DAY 11-26-2007 1:16 PM
Strangely enough, I really love Peter's voice and style.
It makes my day without getting into the search for the Rosetta stone in creative acting.
Does anyone else out here love his style and charisma or is it just me!!!
molly hopper 2       luv u peter 11-26-2007 1:24 PM
Yes butterfly_ cheeks ...The Board Is Back...Hope all has been well with you
The others...well what do they say, If you build it they shall come...... I know I have COME knowing Peter's board is back
molly hopper 2 11-26-2007 9:52 PM
As lay in bed tossing and turning with only one dream

molly hopper 2
butterfly_ cheeks 11-27-2007 1:30 PM
Where still as mesmerized by Peter on this board molly hopper 2 as we were on the old board !

butterfly_ cheeks
Connie Anabas       I want to make love with you everyday. 11-29-2007 1:54 PM
I am Brazilian, I live in Rio de Janeiro and I would like to leave a message for Mr. Peter Austin Noto: "I want to get married with you. I want to make love with you everyday. I love you since I saw you perform for the first time on "All My Children"!!

Connie Anabas
Ally Struthers       Peter is a sexy guy ! 11-29-2007 9:00 PM
Peter is a sexy guy !

Ally Struthers
BA...............BY       11-30-2007 8:10 PM
It's the fact that he knows he's sexy.
brittany       12-1-2007 2:30 PM
hellooooo lets get to know eachother im new my names brittany im 14 im obsessed with cupcakes, my favortie genre is rock scremo emo scene what ever music i guess you could call me random i love jones sodas my idol is audrey kitching if her is awesome idk whos is, im very hyper i love me friends and i would like to make more ...................maybe i'll start to become obsessed with peteraustinnoto
Virginia Low, Irving, Texas       12-1-2007 8:13 PM
I just watched Peter on Comedy Central in "Back in Joy Days", where Peter is performing Bon Dobs' Morning in a bar. Peter seems to loom out of some prehistoric mist. I can not get enough of Mr. Peter Austin Noto
He is a sexy man
giftgirl       I can not get enough of you. 12-2-2007 4:56 PM
I have been following your career and I can not get enough of you. Is there a way I can purchase photo's of you?
Hugs and Kisses and Peace
THE ROVER       piece of Peter to eat 12-3-2007 11:49 AM
If Sweet Cheeks Peter Austin Noto was Santa, there'd be a huge catfight over who gets to sit in his lap and tell him what she wants.
... every woman would want him to come down her chimney.
... all the ladies would like up to lick his candy cane.
... when he asked "Naughty or nice?" women would ask "Which do you prefer?"
... women would be fighting to ride his sleigh.
Hugs and Kisses and Peace and a piece of Peter to eat
Catherine       Give me just ONE 12-4-2007 07:30 AM
Give me just ONE word that describes Peter!
16 and loving him       12-4-2007 12:09 PM
MIDNIGHT STAR 8       12-4-2007 12:12 PM
Peter's personality seems sooo cute!!
Naomi Gold       12-5-2007 11:05 AM
I think the best picture of Peter is where the feather is in the background. He has on a blue denim shirt and a silver choker around his neck. I made a desktop background with this picture.
He's pure SEX

Naomi Gold
Clearwater, Florida
MIDNIGHT STAR 8       Sensual 12-7-2007 11:55 AM
MIDNIGHT STAR 8       Inspiration 12-7-2007 11:58 AM
Inspiration ~Peter Austin Noto and Chocolate are ALWAYS appropriate~
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