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M. Carra 10-18-2017 4:07 PM
There probably hasn't been a more beloved piece of sports equipment than Wilson the Volleyball from the Tom Hanks movie Cast Away. Back when the film was release to critical acclaim in 2000, the bloody-hand printed friendly ball became an instant celebrity. So what is Wilson the Volleyball from Cast Away up to today, 15 years after he originally rose to fame? I got the chance to catch up with good ol' Wilson and the little volleyball regaled me with tales and Photoshops, er, photos from his adventures in the years since his breakout role.

Wilson is probably the most famous volleyball on the planet. He has his own IMDB page, won the 2001 Critrics Choice Award for Best Inanimate Object, and he even appeared on Saturday Night Live three times (according to his IMDB page). Wilson co-starred in Cast Away with Tom Hanks, who played workaholic FedEx engineer Chuck Noland, who gets stranded on a deserted island for years with a silent, but caring companion volleyball who won the hearts of audiences everywhere. After the film was released, Wilson (one of many prop Wilsons, shh) was sold at auction to ex-FedEx Office CEO Ken May for $18,500. But that Wilson isn't the only one the volleyball gained so many fans that his namesake company, Wilson, offers a special edition volleyball that looks just like Wilson the Movie Star.

But what has the real Wilson from Cast Away been up to since? Let's find out on a (fictional) Photoshop journey.
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