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fg       my heart breaks cwith no word 7-16-2018 7:18 PM
fatima gale       oh darn 7-16-2018 7:26 PM
I feel so emotional typing this I posted before I finished

where is he
where is Jennifer
where is the show

end of may april on my peter has vanished
not even a statement from him
I believe he is ok health wise

the board is in a state of intensity
for you my peter xo
xo Fatima gale xo
anna bell       hes out there somewhere 7-17-2018 1:30 PM
maybe he just taking time off from the biz
he has a life too

there has been no posting anywhere of the situation he was in a mits of a move and this just must still be part of it

god knows
CLEWORTH       hes on a odd journey 8-24-2018 09:52 AM
that may be causing delays on his return and or tpans return hes ok and these delays are just the odd things of life
$ maybe to much or not enough
sex maybe to much or not enough
sleep maybe to much or not enough

though the course may change sometimes
rivers always reach the sea
Billy Chapel       LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS 4-21-2019 08:29 AM
hes traped in anahiem California
looking for the exit signs

Easter 2019
Sunday, April 21, 2019
anahiem library im doing her foot steps       anahiem library im doing her foot steps 5-8-2019 2:44 PM
anahiem library im doing her foot steps
she said 3 to 6 was her time to come
she said theres a reason im here
in the good part
then later you should not be here
inch by inch de
Good Luck       i think hes trying to fiqure out 6-10-2019 3:08 PM
ways to obtain a lot of money fiqure out what to do w Jennifer he knows nobody that could kill her she deserves no luck and will not get any by her action

he came here for 2
AJ Saint Bonaventure       trying to find a way out 7-2-2019 2:36 PM
AJ Saint Bonaventure
i want you to think positive
the way you have thru last 5 years everything is going to turn out the way you want it
everything is going to work out for u

Saint Bonaventure: Bishop, Doctor, Apostle of Truth

espa       doing whatever it takes 8-12-2019 2:41 PM
FSF       XVF 8-13-2019 2:53 PM
unfortunately Peter's actions are a thorn in my side.🌹

and you do not think ur words and 911 are the same for me you live here . I came here to help you and show GOD IS WATCHING PRAY

AND IN MIDDLE OF working you show

you put up I want to be co host of fallon ?????

we talked about both of us getting on show

what would you call that Jennifer BETRAYEL


I was giving you everything
NIGHTBIRD       Hiding 9-7-2019 00:21 AM
And fighting bad guys
He is a super hero
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