29 years and counting, Peter Austin Noto follows his heart and lifts his creativity higher and joyous in every way (and beyond).

An entertainer an visionary of experience and learning from the floors of Saturday Night Live to the concrete studio of The Peter Austin Noto Show From the cold of Nicolas Cage nose being wiped  an voices closed at 6 NY Soap operas Peter Austin Noto has worked on stages through out the world

Along with Film an Television with the same broad audience.
From this platform Peter Austin Noto continuous marching forward...

Deeper and more intensely, always twisting and turning, bringing the past into a brilliant Technicolor present.

The phrase “How Did You Do That” is one that has been spoken more then once in his company.

Peter Austin Noto revels in the excitement generated by the collision of these remarkably powerful forces. His path  has been uncompromising:

Keep it fresh, spin the bottle, dig deep, embrace the past - visit it – celebrate it – but don’t build a home in it . . .the journey continuous.